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LVF: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

What is LVF? And is it right for me?

LVF: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

LVF is one of the hottest trends in flooring today

LVF at a Glance

LVF stands for Luxury Vinyl Flooring. It is a high quality, man made flooring choice that can provide the look and feel of many other kinds of flooring, but at a fraction of the price. LVF is available in a wide range of options and styles, and can realistically imitate stone, wood plank, or ceramic tile floors. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring choices for commercial designers, because of its flexibility and benefits over traditional materials.


Planks & Tiles

LVF is available in two main layouts. Long, thin strips of LVF are known as Luxury Vinyl Plank or LVP. Squarish pieces are known as Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT. In general, LVT is meant to be laid out in a grid (like a tile floor) and LVP is meant to be installed offset, like individual planks of wood. In the picture above, the left side features an example of LVT, and the right side features LVP.


Benefits of LVF

  • Cost Effective – LVF is significantly less expensive than the materials it imitates
  • Great Looks – LVF offers photorealistic recreations of natural materials
  • Incredible Choices – a wide variety of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes are available, including distressed and painted woods
  • Tons of Options – some LVF can use grouted installation to create the look and feel of authentic stone or ceramic flooring
  • Superior Durability – LVF is made with protective top layers, and is scratch. stain, dent, and scuff resistant
  • Cleaning & Care – LVF is easy to maintain, and can be cleaned with water
  • Replacement – individual tiles can easily be replaced in the unlikely event they become damaged
  • Comfort – LVF is warmer and softer than traditional tile materials

LVF: Options Galore

Is LVF Right for You?

The latest technology has made the new generation of Luxury Vinyl Tile more appealing than ever. Trendsetting designers across the country are already beginning to include LVF flooring in their latest residential and commercial projects. Should you be the next? Our team of highly trained experts would love to answer your questions about LVF, or any other type of flooring. At Carpet Surplus and Hardwood Liquidators, our goal is to match you up with the floor of your dreams, so contact us today!


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